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Sharing His Light ❤️


John 8:12  “…I am the light of the world…”

Blessing Others … 

Lifting others up in their time of need can be done in so many simple ways. I would like to offer gifting one of my handmade candles to someone you may know that is going through a trial in life… an illness, loss, depression.  If you know of someone that could use a token of love and encouragement, please nominate them to be blessed with a free candle gift from YOU.

Twice a month I will select a nominee.  The candle will include a gift card with your name  & message on it, or it can be sent anonymously.

Sharing His Light with others brings joy to my heart. It’s been amazing to receive correspondence and life changing stories from followers. Because of these blessings I would love to keep Jesse’s light shining bright.

To nominate your special someone, send me an email through the Jesse’s Journey blog or Click Here.