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December 6, 2015 / Ingrid

Christmas Preparations…


Jesse's Christmas Tree

We are coming up on our 3rd Christmas without our son Jesse.
As the season approaches, I find my heart aching and tears welling up more than usual. I can honestly say, time does not take away the pain but keeping his memory alive softens the grief.

Our first Christmas without him we chose to take a road trip south to visit and celebrate with family. That was a great way to connect and share but yet avoided reliving a Christmas at home without our son. Needless to say, Christmas cards weren’t sent out either. How was I to sign cards without his name? I couldn’t, so I didn’t.

Our second Christmas without Jesse was actually Savannah’s last Christmas at home as a high school student, so we did it up. We all pulled it together… decorations & treats made, a real tree put up, visit from my sister & niece, and a wonderful meal prepared by my Dad. Yes, I even sent out Christmas cards but Jesse was included. I found a healthy photo of him during one of his happiest moments fishing and added it to the card. That seemed to make card giving a bit easier.

Now here it is, the third Christmas approaching and what should I do? I can’t begin to imagine the Christmas celebration Jesse gets to partake of in Heaven but my human heart still wishes he was here with us. After some thought, I decided to dedicate and decorate a small Christmas tree in memory of our Jesse. One of our family traditions has been to give the kids a new ornament every year. Those in addition to the precious ones he made as a child will be a nice start.

This year I would like to open an invitation to you. If you feel moved to provide an ornament for Jesse’s special Christmas tree, I would love to hang it for you! The only thing I ask is that you please write your name on the back…this would really bless my heart! ❤️

As we navigate this path God has placed our family on, I will continue to give thanks for the 18 precious years I was blessed with our son and attempt to keep his memory alive. Thank you for your love, support and prayers.

I love you Jesse!  Forever & Always ~Mom

“Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice and my privilege of being a mother. In Your Holy Name. Amen.”

Tree Decorations1 Tree Decorations2 Tree Decorations3













*if you would like our mailing address please iMessage or email me





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  1. Brenda Carpenter / Dec 7 2015 10:14 am

    thinking of the Hourigan family at this time of year.I know you miss your Jesse.God is taking such good care of him now.Know that you & Scott are in my thoughts & prayers.Love from Kentucky.

    Brenda Carpenter

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ingrid / Dec 9 2015 11:12 am

      Thank you Brenda. Blessings to you ❤


  2. carjeden / Dec 8 2015 2:56 pm

    Ingrid, thank you for sharing your heart with all of us. My heart goes out to you, the rest of the family, and all those who knew and loved Jesse. You are often in my thoughts and all of you are in my prayers. With love,Carolyn

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ingrid / Dec 9 2015 11:16 am

      Thank you Carolyn ❤ You have known me since my first breath and I appreciate the love & prayers you continue to cover our family with. Bless you.


  3. Diane Snellenberger / Dec 8 2015 4:17 pm

    My heart goes out to all of you. May God bless you abundantly this Christmas. I think of you often. Prayers for you and yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ingrid / Dec 9 2015 11:18 am

      Bless you Diane. Thank you for being a bright light that shines in Burt ❤


  4. Teresa Watts Crenshaw / Dec 8 2015 11:41 pm

    Yes, Ingrid I agee with you, it does not get easier without our sons around. I have felt so empty and longing for Ketth’s presence. He died at 31 on August 11, 2003 instantly from a car wreck due to a broken neck. He left behind a wife and 2 small children. Abbie was 61/2 and Dawson almost 4. When we were at Westwood, I remember Jesse seemed to have a special place in his heart for Dawson. Always showed him extra attention and so caring. We know life goes on but it sure is hard. Dawson is now 16 and I feel like I am watching Keith growing up again!!!! He looks so much like his Dad. Abbie is almost 19,,,,, hard to believe!!!! That empty seat is forever, but God provides me strength for the living …… heart aches for you. Merry Christmas. Teresa Watts Crenshaw


    • Ingrid / Dec 9 2015 11:40 am

      I’m thankful God crossed our paths in 2005 when we moved to N. Carolina. The loss of your son Keith was fresh but you were determined to care for and teach his children, your grandchildren, God’s love for them. You are so blessed to have & watch mini Keith’s grow… Our Lord knows just what each of us needs in times of loss and grieving. Yes, Jesse did always enjoy his time with Dawson. He loved his
      spark and that Dawson was never afraid to break out in dance moves.:) Thank you for sharing and bringing back fond memories. Bless you & your family ❤


      • savannah / Dec 30 2015 12:13 am

        i remember Jesse loving Dawson! loved being around him!!!


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