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April 10, 2013 / Ingrid

Mark Schultz – Love Has come

Recommended by Amber…love you!



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  1. Liz Wilson / Apr 10 2013 12:02 pm

    Jesse Hourigan was a young man who was diagnosed with Leukemia, and after a long battle, went home to be with the Lord a couple of weeks ago.

    Our two youngest children have really been impacted by Jesse Hourigan. They faithfully prayed for him through the long illness, and even now, they pray that Jesse’s family would know that Jesse is in Heaven, and loves them, and that he is making lots of f…riends, and gets to talk to Jesus. M2 specifically prays for his sister every night, so she will not cry, and be sad because her brother Jesse loves her from Heaven.

    Last night, we were reading the book,”Heaven is for Real,” and both of them started asking even more pointed questions than the ones that they have been asking for weeks now. All of a sudden, both of them looked at me with determined faces, and said, “We have to ask Jesus in our hearts right now.” M2 dropped to his knees right be beside the bed, and just wanted to do away with any small talk, and get the job done. I was trying to make sure that they completely understood what they were wanting to do. Both of them were very serious in their endeavor. As soon as we prayed, both kids said,”Now, can we go to Heaven to see Jesse?” I had to tell them that they do not go to Heaven until Jesus is ready for them to come see Him. But, no matter how old that they were, Jesse would be there in Heaven ready to welcome them, and see them. That made them both very happy.

    So, I hope that Jesse’s family will know that through Jesse’s illness, and then his journey to be with the Lord, that there are two little ones who have been impacted by his life, and death. They told me last night that they really love Jesus, and Jesse.


    • Ingrid / Apr 10 2013 1:16 pm

      Liz…Thank you so much for sharing! That really touched our hearts. The Lord is really in action all around us. Yes, your children will see Jesse again :-).


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