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March 4, 2013 / Ingrid

Road to Recovery

Good Monday morning!
It’s a crisp 21 degrees outside and the warm sun is shining through our bay window which makes my heart so happy. In addition, seems we are all on the road to recovery…thank God!

Jesse’s appetite has grown huge… He has been eating 3 bowls of Lucky Charms at a time and can’t finish a meal without asking about menu of the next. This morning he awoke wanting to eat a McDonald’s egg McMuffin and a giant sweet tea. Plus, had created quite the Walmart food list on his phone. Needless to say, Jesse and his Dad have adventured out to get ‘the supplies’.



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  1. Steve Adams / Mar 4 2013 9:20 am

    So glad you area all feeling better!!!!!


  2. Candace Gentry / Mar 4 2013 9:35 am

    I am so glad to hear that! We have been thinking of you guys so much and praying you all would pull through the FLU!!!
    We love you all!
    The Gentry’s


  3. Helen Morill / Mar 4 2013 11:00 am

    So glad Jesse and his dad got to ventrue out. Watching all of the those cooking shows must make him either a top chef, very hungry or both!!!! Have fun Jesse from your friend in Florida! You are all loved!!!!

    Helen Morrill


  4. Diane Snellenberger / Mar 4 2013 12:51 pm

    Should I take out stock in Lucky Charms and Walmart?? They have a beautiful day to get out, of course the grocery list might take you back a paycheck or two. lol


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