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January 28, 2013 / Ingrid

Blast from the Past! Tri-tip

If you haven’t lived on the West Coast, you may not be familiar with a tri-tip.  This special cut of beef is a BBQ delicacy from Santa Maria, California, commonly known as ‘Santa Maria Style BBQ’.  Well, Jeff and Leilani both coming from that area, have the BBQ recipe down to include their special secret marinade…oh, it’s so good!!!  Jesse and I were thrilled to know it was on the menu and more excited when feasting at dinner time.  The wonderfully seasoned and charred outside and tender inside made Jesse moan in approval upon the first bite.

Tri-tip is a BBQ tradition we brought with us from California too, but it is hard to find a store that carries it or a butcher that even knows what it is.  Below is a link that will explain the cut location, origination of this delicacy and recipes.  Traditionally, it is served with homemade salsa, beans and tortillas.

Obviously, this is a family favorite!


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