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December 27, 2012 / Ingrid

~The Great Escape~ for kids… Logo Search

Currently, our movie DVD total is 401 !

Thank you to all that have continued to donate up-cycled & new movie DVD’s to our ‘Great Escape for kids’ project. We are very excited about our selection of movies. Now it’s time to create our library… It’s probably best to follow suit with what the Child Life department has already established, so we have purchased the Case Logic, portable 208-Capacity Nylon CD/DVD Wallets. These eliminate space concerns in the Child Life room, plus, the handle and zipper are perfect features if the kids take the portable library to their rooms.

Case Logic Nylon CDW208-Disc Wallet (Holds 224CD/DVD).

We are contracting a local shop to embroider our project name on the front of each of the cases. We have selected the name and colors (green, orange & black) but are looking for some creative logo ideas. 🙂

Would you be interested in donating your ideas? I would love to see the orange ribbon behind the Jesse’s Journey text. Below is the basic idea:

Please submit your ideas as soon as possible. Thanks so much!



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  1. Sarah / Dec 30 2012 8:46 pm

    I don’t have a program to mock it up but here’s what I was thinking – enlarge the ribbon and put it in the center. On the longer (front) side, put “Jesse’s Journey” in black . Above that, “The Great Escape…” and below the ribbon, “for kids” both of them in green.


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